Wednesday, 8 September 2010

DJ Babu's Comprehension Mixtape (1995)

My friend put me onto this recently and I’ve enjoyed listening to it this summer. Side B is my favourite, produced mainly by Kan Kick & Asthmatic. When I first heard it I thought it was early Madlib, but it turns out Kan Kick was friends with Madlib back in the day and actually became the fourth member of Lootpack for a short while. Kan Kick (AKA Kanzulu) produced in the same hot climate as Madlib, in their home town of Oxnard, CA, and these beats are saturated with the same summery charm as the recent documentation of the latter’s early recordings, History of the Loop Digga, 1990-2000, the fifth instalment of Madlib’s monthly Medicine Show series. 
Here’s an interesting insight into the production process behind these beats: 

As for DJ Babu's Comprehension (1995), this isn’t your average mixtape; it’s an eclectic, cut up affair, with plenty of surprises (look out for Guru’s vocals, R.I.P.). This tape is raw, and it crackles and hisses in just the way we like.


Here’s a link to Kanzulu's most recent sample heavy album, released last month:

Peace x 

Grant Armour

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