Saturday 11 February 2012

Clout! Roundhouse Highlights

Thanks to everyone who came to the Roundhouse last night, especially Micachu. Here's a video of some of the highlights from last night. Music by Beaty Heart.

Peace y'all x

Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout! Clout!      

Thursday 2 February 2012


Come hear the CLOUT! sonic onslaught LOUD at the Roundhouse on February 10th, tickets £10


Sunday 18 December 2011